Automated Network Failover - Otarris

Automated Network Failover

A Seamless Solution to Keep Critical Business Running During an Outage

Reduce downtime, avoid data and revenue loss, and virtually eliminate customer impact.

Otarris Connect BackUp is an automated failover solution designed to seamlessly and automatically send traffic to alternate destinations if your building routers lose Internet connectivity, virtually eliminating customer impact. Connect Backup provides a stand-alone cellular gateway or router that uses 4G LTE connectivity to automatically switchover when the primary network fails.

Cloud-based centralized management and monitoring of all your connected devices puts you in control so you can avoid service interruptions, lost revenue, and unnecessary downtime while protecting your brand’s reputation. Connect BackUp’s malware and defense tools merge with your existing security architecture to provide additional protection during an outage. Choose from numerous configuration options—it all happens instantly since the DNS doesn’t need to change. No monthly fees, no surprise overages, and easy installation make Connect BackUp an essential operational tool for running a business in today’s digital world.

  • Turnkey automated failover solution
  • No monthly fees, no surprise overages
  • Router specific for automated failover support
  • Integrates with existing network infrastructure for easy installation
  • Power-over ethernet or AC power adapter
  • Optional view router with GPS capability
  • Installation and configuration support available