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Managed IoT Connectivity

Managed IoT Connectivity

Introducing Sentinel, a smarter way to manage your connected devices.

Our easy-to-use Sentinel® platform, a cloud-based, network- and device-agnostic software, gives you real-time insights to track your data usage, lets you set individual SIM policies to filter non-essential business applications and websites, allows you to use multiple carriers for better coverage, and enables you to monitor device activation and connection in remote locations. Best of all, with Sentinel, you only pay for the data you use. Any unused data will automatically rollover for future use.

Why Sentinel?

In today’s world, many companies can provide wireless connectivity for your mobile workforce and IoT devices. But simply connecting your mobile workforce and IoT devices isn’t enough to ensure productivity, security, scalability and most of all, profitability, in a continually evolving wireless environment. 

As IoT connectivity becomes central to business operations, managing data consumption and maintaining reliable wireless service will become even more critical to staying competitive. Sentinel is a network- and device-agnostic tool that offers enterprise customers the ability to manage their data for improved efficiency. In other words, we help you get smart about your data.

Watch Sentinel in action. 

Flexible Data Plans: Data the way you want it. 

Our data plans are flexible, meaning you can adapt them to your usage patterns, whatever they may be. Instead of buying a standard data package and losing all the unused data at the end of the month, our solution allows you pick your preferred data size per device. And because you can share data across networks and devices, you’ll never have to worry about paying for data you don’t use. With Sentinel, you’ll end up getting more use out of your data.


Multi-carrier Connectivity: Any carrier, anywhere.

With all the major North American carriers as well as our global carrier partner at your disposal, you’re free to choose the ones with the best coverage to fit your needs. Managing your carriers is easy—we simply combine all your services under one account to simplify your bills. 

Our network management service include/data plans work with programmable SIM cards that come in all sizes to fit into just about any device. Use them with tablets, hotspots, wearable devices, sensors—virtually any mobile device. We also allow for dual SIM cards, so you can use two carriers in one dual sim router to jump between networks. 


Content Filtering: Eliminate distractions and data drainage with customizable traffic filtering. 

Keep users on task and extend the life of your data through customizable traffic filtering. With content filtering, you can better manage data usage on your systems and maintain the security of your network by making non-business-related content difficult to access. Set differing levels of filtering controls by device and change control levels at the push of a button. 


Policy Management: Take control of your data usage.

Our patented policy control functionality gives you the power to make sure your data is being used only how and when you want it. You can set data restrictions on individual lines, so users can’t go over their allotted data for that month, even if the SIM card gets placed into another device. That way, you’ll never exceed your limit. Set policies by groups or individual devices to control usage by device, time of day, and day of the week. 

Sentinel provides a visual representation of how data is flowing through your pipeline at all times and to all devices so you’ll always have a complete picture of your data usage.


Real-Time Analytics and Reporting: Data on your wireless data usage.

Real-time IoT data for better insights, analytics and business intelligence.

Real-time wireless connectivity data lets you capture accurate, meaningful, and reliable insights to detect trouble spots, anticipate challenges, and make better business decisions. 

The Sentinel dashboard gives you access to all the data and reports you need, including real-time information about network access, device health, data usage, URL denies/access by device, location and more. Quickly visualize, analyze and explore data, regardless of device or application type. Tell a story with your data, access critical business intelligence, and gain a full understanding of your connected devices in the field.

As a business intelligence tool for IoT device deployments, Sentinel offers continuous understanding of connected devices in the field, including:

  • Usage and network preferences for devices
  • General device behavior and functionality over time
  • Device distribution across geographies
  • Common device failure points


Data Sharing and Roll Over: No overages, no data waste.

We deposit your data into one central Sentinel account for all your devices. From that central account, you can manage the flow of data, sending it where it is needed, on whatever network, SIM, or device. With our cross-carrier pooling and sharing options, Otarris saves you money by eliminating the sticker shock of overage charges. Whatever data you have is yours to use. Any unused data in your account simply gets rolled over every month. And if you’re running out of data, we’ll alert you before it becomes an issue.


API Integrations: Get to work faster with all your tools at your fingertips.

Sentinel is an API-based platform with the capability to easily integrate with your existing software. That way, you won’t have to log on to different platforms to manage your tools. If you’d rather export your Sentinel data elsewhere, we can handle that, too. 


Superior Customer Support: Help whenever you need it.

We work with you every step of the way. With a dedicated partner to meet all your wireless needs from account and software setup and management to logistics and provisioning, we’ll make sure you’re up and running in no time.




Multiple carriers
Shareable across devices
No overage charges
Roll over unused data


One carrier
Fixed per device
Subject to overage charges
Lose unused data

Easy-to-use platform for managing devices
Advanced filtering and white list
Data usage allocation
Time-of-day controls


Purchase data plans individually
No filtering or policy management
No ability to allocate data usage
No control over devices

Device health check
Real-time suspend
Real-time activation


Limited device status updates
Cancel contract to suspend
Start new contract to activate

Real-time reporting of device availability
Individual data usage
Filtered content


Limited insight into data usage by device

Real-time reporting of device availability
Individual data usage
Filtered content


Limited insight into data usage by device

Dedicated account representative
End-to-end support
Software setup and provisioning
Launch in days


Difficult to reach
Specialize only in data plans
No configuration support
Cumbersome to sync accounts
Long time to launch

Device agnostic
API integrations


Device use restricted by carrier
Limited to no API integrations

Advanced, customizable malware defense tools


Basic or patchwork of carrier-based security options