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Smart Wireless Connectivity

Security, Reliability and Affordability from a Single, Powerful Platform

No matter how many carriers you use or how many devices, Sentinel simplifies wireless connectivity, serving as a single hub to view, control and manage your data. With a complete connectivity package that includes hardware, data plans, multiple LTE networks, cloud management portal, security suite and customer support, this robust platform goes beyond the data to deliver smart wireless connectivity.

With Sentinel, security, reliability and affordability are all within your reach. Get full visibility and real-time usage analytics on all devices so you can easily track data usage, filter content, and monitor device activation and connection. Manage and track all your activated SIM devices on one dashboard with Sentinel’s built-in integrated security. It’s everything you need in one simple, powerful platform.

Data Usage Policy

Take Control of Your Data Usage

It’s easy to go over a data limit. Instead of just blocking an entire SIM that needs to access the internet, add data usage policy controls and filtering. Our patented policy control functionality gives you the power to make sure your data is being used only how and when you want it used. 

With Otarris, you can set data restrictions on individual lines/SIMS, which means your users won’t go over their allotted data for that month, even if the SIM card gets placed into another device. Set policies by groups or individual devices to control usage by device, time of day, and day of the week. Sentinel provides a visual representation of how data is flowing through your pipeline at all times and to all devices so you can get a complete picture of your data usage.

Reporting and Analytics

Real-Time IoT Data, Insights, Analytics and Business Intelligence

Experience the power of instantly available intelligent data and the insights to make smart business decisions. Sentinel provides an easy and affordable path to unlock the value of connected product data. 

Quickly visualize, analyze and explore data, regardless of device or application type. Tell a story with your data, access critical business intelligence and gain a full understanding of your connected devices in the field. The Sentinel Dashboard gives you real-time access, at your desktop, to all the data and reports you need, including network access, device health, data usage, URL denies/access by device, location and more.

Traffic Filtering

A Distraction-Free Solution That Makes Your Data Last Longer 

A distraction-free IoT experience keeps users on task and extends the life of your data. Content filtering mitigates potential risks by making objectionable, illegal and non-business-related content difficult to access while maintaining the security of your network.

Otarris offers four tiers of filtering control, from Light to Heavy Filtering. Never pay for employees to stream music and movies or browse social media again. Because our platform allows you to filter and control what your devices can access, your data goes further—and it won’t be wasted on non-relevant websites and apps.

Wireless Data Plans

No Breakage, No Overages, Anywhere in the World

With most prepaid plans, you can end up paying for data you didn’t use or overpaying for data you didn’t anticipate needing. Otarris eliminates the monthly sticker shock through pooled data that’s shared across devices and never expires.

Choose one or a combination of the six leading North American wireless networks or our global carrier partner for the best coverage for each device. Because your data is shared across all of your connected devices and rolls over each month, you’ll never have to pay breakage or overage fees. Pooled data means devices access the data they need when they need it no matter where they are. With all data coming from one single source that never expires, none of it goes to waste.

Device Management

Device Management Made Easy

No matter how many devices you have or where they’re located, Sentinel makes it easy to onboard, organize, deploy, monitor and maintain your entire fleet in real-time. Put connected devices in service quickly and stay on top of potential issues so you can take action before a problem escalates.

Sentinel’s user-friendly device management solution gives you everything you need to proactively track, operate and manage your devices according to business and security requirements. From updating applications to monitoring software and hardware to rebooting and sending out security patches, Sentinel’s remote features let you maintain the health of your devices regardless of where they’re deployed. And with alerts, you’ll know about any IoT hardware issues the moment they happen. Because device management and monitoring are completely integrated into the dashboard, you can deploy Sentinel monitoring with a single click and access real-time and historical data on all your monitored devices.

Multiple Carriers Across All Devices

No Breakage or Overage

Pool, Share, and Rollover Data Across All Devices

Real-Time Usage Reporting & Analytics

Prepaid Pay-as-You-Go Plans

Filter and Block Websites and Apps

Time of Day and Data Consumption Controls

Easy-to-Manage Interface