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TaxiConnect Pro™

Taxi Digital Transformation: Using IoT to Drive Growth and Improve the Customer Experience 

Today’s passengers demand more from their taxis. They want convenience, safety, and superior service. We help you deliver exceptional customer service at every turn and win repeat business with our Smart Taxi solution that offers cost-effective wireless data plans, rugged devices, dual SIM routers, GPS tracking and telematics, intelligent sensors, in-vehicle cameras, and in-vehicle WiFi hotspot.

Our Taxi In-Vehicle Connectivity Bundle Includes:

  • Tablet or Hotspot

  • 1GB Data per Month

  • Sentinel Portal

  • Choice of Network Carrier

Smart Wireless Data Plans

The Power to Use Your Data Wisely

We offer flexible data plans paired with a best-in-class enterprise mobility management platform to give you full visibility into your enterprise wireless data consumption, tools to manage and minimize your data usage, roll over capabilities so you never pay for data you don’t use, and cutting-edge security features to keep threats like malware and security breaches at bay.

Rugged Devices

Go Rugged for Bigger Benefits

Consumer grade devices offer only a fraction of the benefits of their rugged counterparts. Our rugged devices for taxis give you the mobile data terminal, durability, and exceptional performance you need to handle all of your ongoing dispatch and operations needs. Your choice of ruggedized devices come certified on leading carrier networks and equipped with longer battery life, daylight readability, optimized capabilities for external GPS and cellular antennas, high-sensitivity multi-touch display for use with heavy gloves, barcode and magnetic stripe readers, and other functions for improved taxi performance. 

Dual SIM and Standard Router

Get More Predictable Wireless Connectivity with Dual SIM Routers 

Our dual SIM routers have built-in intelligence that allow them to bounce from one network to another in milliseconds to override poor network coverage and deliver optimal wireless performance.

GPS Tracking and Telematics

Monitor Your Fleet with GPS Tracking and Telematics

Keep track of your taxi fleet with GPS tracking and telematics to obtain critical vehicle location information, vehicle health information, and other data points to help you stay competitive and reduce theft, unauthorized vehicle use, and poor driver behavior.  

Intelligent Sensors

Intelligent Sensors to Enable Intelligent Decisions

With use cases in a wide range of industries, intelligent or smart sensors can help you monitor your environment or devices by processing pre-determined information relating to light, heat, sound, motion, touch, or other metric. We provide you with the customized connectivity solution to power your intelligent sensors wherever they may be.

In-Vehicle Wifi Hotspot

Wireless Access on the Road

Give your customers something to cheer about with our in-vehicle WiFi hotspot. Paired with our Wireless Data plans, our in-vehicle WiFi hotspot allows you to connect your vehicle to any major network as well as see and manage your data usage for greater cost savings.