Smart Fleet - Otarris

Get Smart about Managing Your Fleet

Maximize your fleet’s productivity with flexible wireless data plans, fleet management software, and industry-leading hardware solutions.

Smart Wireless Data Plans

The Power to Use Your Data Wisely

We offer flexible data plans paired with a best-in-class enterprise mobility management platform to give you full visibility into your enterprise wireless data consumption, tools to manage and minimize your data usage, roll over capabilities so you never pay for data you don’t use, and cutting-edge security features to keep threats like malware and security breaches at bay.

Rugged Device

Go Rugged for Bigger Benefits

Consumer grade devices offer only a fraction of the benefits of their rugged counterparts. Our rugged devices for fleets give you the mobile data terminal, durability, and exceptional performance you need to handle all of your ongoing dispatch and operations needs. Your choice of ruggedized devices come certified on leading carrier networks and equipped with longer battery life, daylight readability, optimized capabilities for external GPS and cellular antennas, high-sensitivity multi-touch display for use with heavy gloves, barcode and magnetic stripe readers, and other functions for improved fleet performance. 

Fleet Management Software

Fleet Management Simplified

GPS tracking to monitor vehicle location and improve route efficiency, geofencing to create custom digital boundaries for curbing vehicle misuse, and driver scorecard to encourage safer driving habits are just some of the features available to you on industry leading fleet management software offered by our partners. Get the fleet management software alone or use it alongside our Smart Wireless Data plans for even greater cost savings.

Dual SIM and Standard Router

Get More Predictable Wireless Connectivity with Dual SIM Routers 

Our dual SIM routers have built-in intelligence that allow them to bounce from one network to another in milliseconds to override poor network coverage and deliver optimal wireless performance.

GPS Tracking and Telematics

Monitor Your Fleet with GPS Tracking and Telematics

Keep track of your taxi fleet with GPS tracking and telematics to obtain critical vehicle location information, vehicle health information, and other data points to help you stay competitive and reduce theft, unauthorized vehicle use, and poor driver behavior.  

Intelligent Sensors

Intelligent Sensors to Enable Intelligent Decisions

Intelligent or smart sensors can help you capture data more efficiently to meet regulatory demands, provide greater predictability for your operations, and monitor your environment or devices by processing pre-determined information relating to light, heat, sound, motion, touch, or other metric. We provide you with the customized connectivity solution to power your intelligent sensors wherever they may be.

PTT Radios

Communicate Instantly Across the Room or Around the World

Our virtually indestructible rugged PTT radio devices are enhanced with WiFi connectivity that transmits over the internet and provides superior reliability for your instant communications needs. Built for small, medium, and enterprise businesses, our 4G/LTE PTT radios are enabled for individual or group communication, allow you to monitor your dispatch center from any location, and offer live GPS tracking and emergency alert notifications.