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Streamlined Fleet Management for the Transportation Industry.

Getting from Point A to Point B is more than about simply getting up and going. It’s about harnessing the power of data to move better, and that requires staying connected securely and reliably. Whether you are trying to gain a competitive edge by integrating more technology into your workflow; using GPS tracking to better predict arrival and departure times; or relying on telematics to anticipate maintenance issues before they happen, we have the right solution to keep you on track. We work with transportation companies to provide connectivity solutions that help them move better, including:

Connect your drivers and their devices.


GPS Tracking

In-Vehicle Routers

Camera Offload

Intelligent Sensors

Taxi and Charter

The demand for taxis and charter buses may be growing, but not every company can take advantage of this growth if their services fall short of expectations. Passengers expect to be able to interact with taxi and charter companies in real-time, making reservations through an app, tracking the driver’s arrival and journey through GPS, and paying for their trips via credit card transactions. In addition to the right software, all of these services require wireless connectivity and portable devices. Otarris is a leading wireless connectivity provider to taxi and charter companies. We offer a comprehensive solution that helps taxis and charter buses attract more customers and realize greater profits.

Freight Trucking

Managing connectivity for fleets of trucks can be filled with unexpected and expensive roadblocks. There’s the complication of sorting through wireless billing from different carriers, the hefty expenses of overage charges, and the challenge of managing devices across such a vast road network with trucks that are constantly on the move. Our turnkey solution, with a single portal for managing all devices across the fleet and across the country, combines hardware, mobile connectivity, security, analytics, proactive management, device lifecycle services, wireless hotspots, and wireless backup capabilities to keep fleets connected no matter where the job takes them. We make sure you never have to worry about costly overages or wasted data.


Wireless connectivity is even more important when people are in transit, and our transit stations are pivotal places where people use their devices to seek information or stay connected with others. Otarris handles all wireless connectivity needs for transit stations, helping to set up hotspot services so passengers can stay connected on the go. Our solutions also help transit companies improve their services and retain their customers.