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Connectivity for Streamlined Home Health Care Management and Remote Device Monitoring.

Controlled Tablets and Phones

GPS Tracking with Breadcrumbs

Patient Wifi / Hotspots

Remote Device Monitoring

API Integration to Home Health Sotware

Technological advances in healthcare now give healthcare providers the ability to do far more when it comes to patient care. But even with so many options for using technology to enhance the quality of care delivered to patients, many still go without the care they need because of unreliable or nonexistent Internet access, lack of funds to procure the necessary devices, or both. Healthcare providers can use our tablet solutions to improve the quality of care with face-to-face patient interactions outside a practice or hospital, reducing visits and re-admissions. Additionally, wearable IoT devices can be used to monitor patients remotely, giving patients more flexibility and higher quality of care. 

Otarris will pair your device to our network and give you a packaged, easy-to-use and ready to distribute solution to your patients, and replace a lost or stolen device. Our offerings include: