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The global mobile workforce is expected to reach 1.87 billion by 2022. Workers in the field need to stay connected to the home office and customers they serve, but handling connectivity issues that arise often lies beyond the scope of your business. And even after you’ve picked the best software to automate their workflow and enhance their service delivery, you’ll still need to make sure every member of your workforce has the right device and data plan to work effectively—and that your data isn’t being diverted to non-essential functions at your business’ expense. Spend less time troubleshooting network access and data usage problems and more time exceeding customer expectations with our wide ranging wireless connectivity solutions.

Rugged Tablets and Phones

Managed Wireless Data

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GPS Tracking with Breadcrumbs

PTT Radios

API Integrations to Field Management Software

Connect your mobile workforce.


Whether you serve residential clients in a well-defined geographical area, or commercial clients with complex requirements for performing standard repairs or preventative maintenance, your business has likely gone digital, or is slowly becoming transformed. Whatever the case, incorporating technology into your workflow is more than about choosing the right software for your HVAC business. It involves making sure that the software you choose is deployed in the most efficient, cost-effective way possible. And that you’re never left with some employees being connected and available for service while others struggle with connectivity issues and insufficient data, which would only hamper your progress. 

Otarris offers a one-stop solution to getting your workforce up and running with the right software, hardware, and technical support team.



The fundamentals of your business haven’t changed—you outfit buildings with the systems needed to dispose waste effectively and manage any problems when they arise—but your way of doing business certainly has. While technology has introduced greater efficiencies to your workflow, it has also come with greater challenges. For one, connecting your plumbers to the software they need is not as simple as it seems. There are questions about picking the right hardware and software, deploying and managing equipment throughout their lifecycle, and managing data usage so your costs don’t get out of hand. 

That’s where we come in. Our experience working with clients in the plumbing sector has given us a lot of understanding of what your wireless connectivity needs are and how best to address them. That’s why we don’t just offer you the data plans and walk away—we offer you a comprehensive solution that takes care of your mobile workforce connectivity needs from start to finish—and we continue to be of service to handle whatever challenges arise. 



With your preferred field service app, you’ll most likely be able to have all your calculators and field service manuals at your fingertips as well as be able to schedule jobs, streamline dispatching, process credit card payments, create quotes, automate receipts, notify customers, plan routes, communicate with home office, and perform a host of other operations, but how do you get up and running with the app in the first place? 

That’s where we come in. We provide you with the wireless connectivity solution, software recommendation, and rugged devices to help you automate and manage your workflow with ease. Our patented Sentinel solution also gives you the option of managing your data so you’ll never have to worry about connectivity issues or overage charges.


Equipment Maintenance 

Our managed connectivity solutions give you the ability to get the most out of your equipment maintenance software. Through our software partner, we can also give you the ability to keep better track of maintenance requests, manage scheduling for maintenance technicians, give technicians the ability to log their time remotely, and do more to streamline your work process and bring more efficiency to your operations. 



Working on a construction site should not doom your workers to poor or spotty wireless connectivity, especially if an Internet connection is necessary for their jobs. With our WiFi hotspot, rugged devices, and PTT radios, you’ll be able to gather and share information quickly with your team, whether they are working on the same site or across the country. Our easy-to-use management platform integrates seamlessly with construction-specific software from one of our partners, or construction software of your choice, to give you unparalleled visibility into and control over your data usage, device health monitoring capabilities, and everything you need to start saving on wireless connectivity.