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IoT Hardware and Devices

IoT Hardware and Device Procurement

No matter how many devices you have or where they’re located, you’ll need a faster, more secure way to onboard, organize, deploy, monitor and maintain all your assets in real-time. We help you put connected devices in the field quickly and stay on top of potential issues so you can take action before a problem escalates.

Our user-friendly device management platform gives you everything you need to proactively track, operate and manage your devices according to business and security requirements. Sentinel’s remote features let you maintain the health of your devices regardless of where they’re deployed. And with alerts, you’ll know about any IoT hardware issues the moment they happen. Because device management and monitoring are completely integrated into the Sentinel dashboard, you can deploy remote monitoring with a single click and access real-time and historical data on all your monitored devices.

Secure Connectivity 

Want a private connection to access your devices, instead of connecting over the public Internet? Otarris simplifies the setup of a highly scalable and secure private network. Within minutes, you can securely connect and remotely access your IoT devices. Our intuitive Sentinel portal makes it easy to configure secure IoT connectivity with just a few mouse clicks. Assign a static private IP address range to your devices, apply network security policies, and connect with your remote cellular devices. This flexibility to turn up private network on demand and add new devices within minutes means you can scale IoT projects seamlessly without impacting existing connections.

Remote Device Management

It’s one thing to connect your mobile workforce, but managing it all can place tremendous logistical demands on you, requiring you to procure the right devices, deploy them to a dispersed workforce, integrate the necessary software and applications, and manage the devices throughout their lifecycle. That’s where we come in. Whether your devices are miles apart or located in difficult-to-reach terrains, we can connect with them instantly to deliver any needed updates.

Monitoring and Alerts

Sentinel has the built-in tools to help you monitor your mobile devices round the clock. With our monitoring capabilities, we can deliver real-time notifications to alert you of data overage, device failure, offline status, or other event impacting your remote mobile devices.