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Empowering Businesses with Smart Wirelessᵀᴹ Solutions.

In today’s wireless world, plenty of companies can connect your business to the IoT. But simply connecting your mobile workforce and devices isn’t enough to keep your business secure, productive, intelligent and ahead of the curve in an increasingly complex wireless environment. For that, you need a smarter solution.

Otarris provides Smart Wireless solutions that not only offer you unparalleled flexibility, reliability, security and support, we save you time and money in the process. With our Sentinel platform, you’ll be able to work with multiple carriers, secure your network traffic, take control of your data usage and lower your data plan costs. And that’s just the beginning. Our team of experts works with you to set employee policies and filters, provide clear wireless intelligence, keep you online even if your primary internet connection fails, and much more. Smart Wireless means your workforce stays focused on your business instead of unnecessary distractions and downtime.

The stakes are too high and the risks are too real for your organization to settle for just having a connection. Make sure your business is running on Otarris’s Smart Wireless solutions.

About Otarris

Otarris, a division of Kajeet®, Inc., is an industry leader for managed mobile solutions, specifically enabling enterprises to create a custom wireless experience to connect and control devices by managing data usage across any device on any network. Otarris provides companies and government organizations with an affordable, multi-carrier, wireless connectivity solution through its patented cloud-based management platform, Sentinel®.

The Sentinel® platform, a patented cloud portal that is the core of the Otarris connectivity solutions, uses industry standard technology to safeguard data usage on any mobile device. By including filtering, device management, network security, and reporting tools all in one convenient platform, the solution provides complete visibility into device activity and protects against anything suspicious on the network.

Sentinel analyzes and categorizes millions of new URLs to provide better customization options and visibility. Sentinel gives enterprise IT teams the capability to manage and customize policies regarding what content is accessed and how much data is consumed by each device.

This allows for bandwidth optimization and cost reduction. In addition, the platform is part of a total trusted solution that is device, as well as network agnostic, allowing devices to share data, over any period of time, and across multiple networks. The Otarris solution is the total safety package, including: a single reporting dashboard, robust filtering, device/data management, and usage analytics.

Operating since 2003, Kajeet, Inc., and its divisions, including Otarris, supporting more than 775 clients including school districts, libraries, government agencies, cable companies, MVNOs, and other businesses. Kajeet, Inc., products and services, which operate on six North American wireless carriers, are protected by the following issued U.S. patents: 10,285,025; 10,057,300; 10,009,480; 9,237,433; 9,137,389; 9,137,386; 9,125,057; 8,995,952; 8,929,857; 8,918,080; 8,774,755; 8,774,754; 8,755,768; 8,731,517; 8,725,109; 8,712,371; 8,706,079; 8,667,559; 8,644,796; 8,639,216; 8,634,803; 8,634,802; 8,634,801; 8,630,612; 8,611,885; 8,600,348; 8,594,619; 8,588,735; 8,285,249; 8,078,140; 7,945,238; 7,899,438; 7,881,697.

Other patents are pending.